Loan Officer Recruitment

Succeed with Us!

Do you want flexible work hours?
Are you a go-getter and love helping people?
Are you licensed to originate home mortgage loans in IL, WI, WA, OR, GA, AZ and CA?

If you said YES to all, then you may be the Loan Officer that we are looking for!

We are looking for dynamic and self-driven licensed home mortgage loan officers to work with
us. We will provide you with work tools and efficient processes that you will need to close fast
and succeed as a loan officer. We have a long-time partnership with an array of mortgage
lenders and banks that would help you offer great rates for your clients. Most of all, we care for
our customers and employees the most. We believe that taking care of our employees would
encourage them to provide excellent service to our customers. Satisfied employees lead to
satisfied and loyal customers and ambassadors.

Do you believe that too? Call or Send a Message to us and let’s get started!